Happy 2014!

05/01/2014 We'd like to wish everyone a massive Happy New Year, especially all the lovely people for whom we've played in 2013. It was a good year for Sidekick, and 2014 is looking to be even better with loads of bookings for weddings, parties and even holiday parks filling up the books already.

We unfortunately ended 2013 with the departure of our bass player - and founding member - Mike. It was sad to see Mike go, but hopefully we'll get the opportunity to play together again in the future. So, we began our New Year with new bass player Ben Crancher, who slipped comfortably and smoothly into Mike's still-warm shoes to play our first function together on January 4th. This was an 18th birthday party at Colchester Stadium - a really lovely venue, and a good, fun evening. What a fantastic start for the new year :)

As we move forward, we've decided to re-work the set list a little. Some of the lesser-played songs will be sent to the set list grave yard, and we're currently in the process of rehearsing up a bunch of new songs. These include: Price Tag (Jessie J), Get Lucky (Daft Punk), Locked Out Of Heaven (Bruno Mars), Only Girl In The World (Rihanna), Hey Ya (OutKast), Power Of Love (Huey Lewis) and many more (about a dozen new songs in total). You'll notice an emphasis on modern/pop stuff - this was a very conscious decision, as we try to diversify our set more. There's already plenty of the older/rock stuff on there, though that's not to say we won't be adding more in future!

We're also looking at other ways we can improve our performance, sound and presentation. It's all very exciting, and we're all looking forward to the coming year. See you at the front!


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