Live band available for hire in Essex

If you're considering booking us, please take a minute to read the following information. If you're not sure about anything, drop us a line and we'll be more than happy to discuss.

What you'll get for your Wedding or Event

We are a four-piece band, comprising of two guitarists / vocalists, one bassist and one drummer. We are all experienced musicians, having all played in touring bands over the years, and will conduct ourselves in a professional and polite manner.

We choose our songs based on audience reaction and feedback over the years, a constantly evolving process of honing after each performance. The result, we feel, is a lively, interesting and diverse set, full of numbers that most people will instantly recognise. 

We normally play two sets of one hour each, but this is flexible. Should you require it, we can provide music for the breaks when we're not playing, by means of a laptop playlist running through the PA. 

We will present ourselves appropriately for the occasion, looking equally acceptable for a formal or informal function. Our normal attire is casual-but-smart shirt and ties affair, and we'll happily do up our top buttons and tuck our shirts in should you require it!

Equipment / Liability

We have our own 2kW PA system, which is suitable for most small to medium venues. For larger venues, arrangements can be made for a more powerful PA, and engineer.

All our equipment is PAT tested anually, and we are each insured for public liability. 


The amount we charge can vary considerably based on a number of factors; for example, length of set, location, special equipment requirements etc. We feel our rates are reasonable, and we never take the mick. For a quick price, please complete our imaginatively titled quick price form, and we'll get back straight away.


It may seem obvious, but please bear in mind that live bands, by their very nature, are not quiet. Please check with your venue that they are happy to accomodate a live band, and that no sound restriction equipment is in place. These devices will cut off the electricity if a certain volume threshold is reached, often way below the level at which it would be possible to play (the drum kit alone is a loud piece of kit and cannot be 'turned down').

If you would prefer a quieter set, you may wish to consider our acoustic option. This is recommended for very small venues, or more relaxed, intimate events where 'background music' is all that's required.